Our goals:

To promote the education of the membership of SMHJA in the care, use, handling, and good development of horses and horsemanship.

To encourage good sportsmanship and proper conduct among horsemen and
horsewomen, to promote youth participation, and to foster good fellowship among all persons interested in horses.

To promote the care, use, and publicity of hunters and jumpers in the
Southwest Missouri area.

To support a hunter-jumper show circuit and to assist in establishing hunter-
jumper activities in other equestrian events.

Membership in SMHJA offers education, community, and a shared love of our great horses! Want to be a member? Click HERE to download the form, or HERE to complete it online. 

What are Hunters and Jumpers?


A HUNTER is a horse of any breed who jumps a series of obstacles, called a course, and is judged on his way of moving and his form over the fences. The jumps found on a hunter course simulate natural obstacles that are encountered while out fox-hunting.The hunter must have a long, ground covering stride, jump smoothly and neatly, and have a temperament that enables him to be manageable, quiet, and tractable as he performs.


A JUMPER is a horse of any breed who is judged strictly on the height of the obstacles he has jumped and the speed it has taken him to complete the course. The jumper course is constructed of a number of brightly colored fences and tight turns. The jumper must be athletic, attentive, and adjustable to the rider, as well as agile and quick.